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From "Christopher Elkins" <>
Subject Re: build/release process spec?
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2000 18:56:13 GMT
> > > However, I am still trying to find information about the specific
> > > source control process.  How are the versions managed and what
> > > is the process for source code to get committed?  I saw the
> > > brief summary page off the main page, but I am looking for
> > > some more detailed information.
> > On contributing source code: unless/until you become a committer
> > <>, your only
> > outlet is this
> > mailing list. Send code diffs, patches, bug reports, etc.
> > directly to the list.
> I'm not really so much interested in the mechanics of
> CVS, I'm more interested in the source control management
> process.
Sorry I didn't really get the gist of your previous question.

> Ah - I know I can't commit diffs myself - but I am still quite
> curious about the process used to manage the source code
> anyways.  Maybe it would be better for me to pose some
> direct questions:
> 1.  What is the version numbering scheme?  When do new version
> numbers get assigned?
> 2.  Does the latest version in the source tree always
> contain buildable code (everything compiles)? (I think I read yes)
> Is there a punishment for breaking the build? :)
> 3.  How do major changes get handled? i.e. someone checks
> in a bunch of classes that require changes in other people's
> checked out code.
> 4.  How are code branches/merges handled?
> Any good links to resources would be greatly appreciated.
I've never seen any formal Apache docs addressing these questions specifically.
Perhaps these informal docs will help:

Apache Project Guidelines and Voting Rules

Jakarta Project Guidelines: Source Code

Guidelines for the use of CVS

> > > Another question:
> > > Is there a Delete target that supports wildcards available?
> > >
> > Do you want to delete an entire directory or just the files within the
> > directory? In other words, are you looking for 'rm -rf foo*.*' or
> > 'find . -name
> > foo*.* | xargs -r rm -f'?
> I would like to selectively delete files within a directory.
AFAIK, the only deletion taskdefs are Delete and Deltree, neither of which allow
the pattern-matching you want. I guess you've found the first place to start
contributing. :-)

(I'm not too familiar with Ant internals, so take what I say with a rather large
grain of salt.) You might want to explore modifying Delete/Deltree to extend
MatchingTask. Then, you have access to DirectoryScanner, which provides access
to included/excluded files. See
for example usage.

Christopher Elkins

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