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From "Christopher Elkins" <>
Subject Re: build/release process spec?
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2000 17:22:15 GMT
> Hi all -
> I would like to get involved in an open source project, and
> Ant seems pretty interesting.
> However, I am still trying to find information about the specific
> source control process.  How are the versions managed and what
> is the process for source code to get committed?  I saw the
> brief summary page off the main page, but I am looking for
> some more detailed information.
Like pretty much every open source project, Ant/Apache uses CVS
<>. Sporadic documentation exists around the web - the
best IMO is The CVS Book <> by one of the original
CVS coders.

On contributing source code: unless/until you become a committer
<>, your only outlet is this
mailing list. Send code diffs, patches, bug reports, etc. directly to the list.
Also, remember that for most open source developers, this is not their day job.
If they seem to be ignoring you, they're probably not; just pester them/us
gently. (Just for the record, I am not an Ant committer.)

Hope that helps.

> Another question:
> Is there a Delete target that supports wildcards available?
Do you want to delete an entire directory or just the files within the
directory? In other words, are you looking for 'rm -rf foo*.*' or 'find . -name
foo*.* | xargs -r rm -f'?

> Thanks
> Kenneth Liu
> AuctionLogic, Inc.
> 3799 Route 46 East, Suite 310
> (973)257-2751  (973)331-8062 FAX
> AuctionLogic - Empowered Web Auction Management

Christopher Elkins

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