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From "Thomas Haas" <>
Subject Re: Platform independend classpath in build.xml?
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2000 16:27:07 GMT

I am back - sorry for not responding earlier. I did not continue any of my
work on Ant as I do not know what the current state is. A month ago we had
very interesting discussions on Ant basics. As soon as I know, what the
consequences thereof are, I will go on working on Ant.

From: Conor MacNeill <>
> The PathElement object seems strange to me. It seems to be not so much a
> real object, as a set of methods to manipulate the surrounding Path
> One effect is that the Path object is not composed of PathElement objects,
> which I found odd. Another effect is that repeated calls to setLocation on
> PathElement will add multiple File objects to the outer Path object.
> Similarly the setPath method adds multiple entries to the Path object,
> again I found a strange thing for a PathElement object.
> If the current structure is to be retained, I think the class and its
> methods should be renamed.
> PathElement -> PathManipulator
> setLocation -> addLocation
> setPath -> addPath.

Looking from a design or architectual point of you, I totally agree. The
first implementations where closer to what you are suggesting than to what
the current code looks like. It has been built that way to cope with the way
Ant uses reflection to load and manipulate objects. The way to look at it,
is to write down the desired XML code and than create apropriate objects
implementing the XML, therefor the things need to be called that way.

For the path/file format the list seems to have agreed to use /, \, ;, : and
translate them to whatever your platform needs. This is for sure not ideal,
but seems to satisfy the needs of most people.

- tom

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