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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: nightly build (was: problem)
Date Sat, 24 Jun 2000 09:02:11 GMT
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> From: []
> Since this is an all volunteer organization, everyone is empowered to set
> one up themselves and publish it.

OK, but most people looking for an updated build of ant come to They may not realise that ant is to be found under
"Tomcat and Other subprojects". Certainly a number of posts here indicate
that people are using the ant build that is part of Tomcat 3.1 (modern
compile problems, etc). Is there a process for changing the nightly builds
done on

> One difference of opinion I have with the nightly build process mentioned
> above is that it fixes on a particular ant version for the nightly build
> itself.

It is cool to bootstrap ant itself for its nightly build. I don't know if it
is necessary, however, to build all other projects with the latest version
of ant. This couples all the projects together. Say we change ant to
eliminate the ${} property syntax - we need to move all the other components
to this new version of ant to restore the nightly builds. It puts the onus
on ant to make sure all other projects still work when changes are made to
ant. It may be better to let other projects fix on a version of ant and then
decide when they want to upgrade to a later version.


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