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From "Brill Pappin" <>
Subject Re: Logging (was Re: Feature)
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2000 13:45:14 GMT
Can the projects log level be set from inside the build file (or only form
the command line) ?

It should be fairly easy to add the loglevel stuff to the task... just add
it and a log(String,int)::void method (as final) to the abstract task
class... this would go in without breaking everything else.
The tasks could then call the log method with a int to specify the entry
level...and let the abstract class filter what actually needs to be logged.

- Brill Pappin

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From: "Stefan Bodewig" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2000 8:15 AM
Subject: Logging (was Re: Feature)

> >>>>> "BP" == Brill Pappin <> writes:
>  BP> Maybe 4 levels of log NONE=well, none :), ALL or DEBUG= log
>  BP> everything, MARKER=the beginning and ending of a task, MESSAGE=
>  BP> the same as what is seen on the console.
> Actually there are already different levels of logging (ERR, INFO,
> WARN, VERBOSE) in Project and each task can emit information at any of
> those levels. Only thing that is missing is the granularity of output
> you'd like to have.
> One could move the logging into Task instead of Project and have a
> loglevel attribute in the Task class. This could be set to the Project's
> value by default.
> Doing so would enable something like
> <target name="compile">
>   <mkdir ... />
>   <javac ... loglevel="VERBOSE" />
>   <copyfile ... loglevel="WARN" />
> </target>
> This would make mkdir use Project's loglevel. javac would be verbose
> and copyfile would suppress all informational messages without caring
> for Project's loglevel.
> Comments?
> Stefan

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