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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: Javadoc patch
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 12:16:49 GMT

> As of distinguishing the attribute name of link and group from the nested
> element name, I had no ideological opinion about it: it is just that in my
> tests, it appeared that if they have the same name, an old
> build.xml file using
> the attribute would not work anymore: you would get an exception.
> And backward compatibility seems to me a very important requirement.

OK, it works for me on NT with combinations of link or group as attributes
and nested elements. From what I understand of the parsing, I do expect it
to work. Nevertheless let me know if it is an issue for anyone. Backward
compatibility is an important requirement (though not a prison :-).

> Did you test that scenario ?
> If so I'm very happy with the solution.
> If not I suggest you change the name of the nested elements.

Let me know how it goes in your environment.

> > <linkofflines> to <link offline="yes">

Patrick has suggested that this may be undesirable because ant would no
longer match (one to one) the command line options of the Javadoc tool. I
think that is an important point. I still feel, however, that it is a more
natural way of expressing the ideas. After all we can be more expressive in
the XML than is possible with command line switches. What do others think?


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