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From Michel CASABIANCA <>
Subject Re: "Libaries" of task defs
Date Mon, 22 May 2000 18:18:48 GMT

Ken Wood <> writes:
> After reading several of the recent discussion,
> I need to ask - Are there libraries or collections out there
> of task definitions that people have come up
> with to extend Ant? I did some quick searches,
> no luck.

I think that there are no such repositories.

> Are there plans for a repository of tasks the
> way, say, perl or python have repositories of
> scripts? Or is too early in the game?

I have posted a request for a Ant Tasks Repository, but there
were no responses. I could organize something like that on my
page (I have coded an XSLT task). I have unlimited space and
can manage it easily.

Any opposition ?
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