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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Generic tasks for idl2java, javac ... (was Re: A question about "available" ...)
Date Thu, 18 May 2000 11:31:07 GMT
>>>>> "VS" == Vitaly Stulsky <> writes:

 >> There have been idl2java tasks (two of them IIRC) sent to this
 >> list during the last two weeks but I recall them to be vendor
 >> specific. 

 VS> It is possible to combine all tasks for different vendors into
 VS> one task.  

This is what I wanted to hear 8^).

What needs to be thought about is how to handle options that are only
available in specific implementations.

I see several ways to work with them

1. Neglect all options not available in the "standard" which would
probably be the idl2java from Sun's SDK. Those using other vendors
tools won't like this.

2. Add all options possibly there. A maintenance nightmare.

4. Have only one option at all - for the command line. 

5. Invent magic properties to trigger some options. This is what the
current jikes implementation does to get additional warnings or error
messages in emacs compatible format. I would rather not use properties
at all.

6. Have individual attributes for all common options and a single
attribute (additionaloptions or so) to be parsed (or ignored) by the
specific implementation.

As it stands I prefer number 6 but maybe others can come up with a
better solution. If we could find consensus on this, I'd love to see
the javac task to use the same mechanism.


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