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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Matching tasks look&feel?
Date Fri, 26 May 2000 08:47:35 GMT

>>>>> "MN" == Mariusz Nowostawski <> writes:

 MN> So what is eventually agreed for all matching tasks to look like?

 MN> Thus we have two major options:

 MN> 1. "Strict-typing"  
 MN>  a)  <task file="file.dat" .... />
 MN>  b)  <task dir="dir" .... includes="*.dat" />

 MN> 2. "Dynamic-typing"
 MN>  a)  <task src="file.dat" .... />   
 MN>  b)  <task src="dir" .... includes="*.dat" />

In case of the delete task I'd really prefer to have an distinction
between dir and file because of the damage one could do by accident -
only alternative I see is a recurse attribute with default false.

Then take a look at your own patch to Chmod. You support a chmod on a
directory without recursion by <chmod file="dir" ... /> and a recursive
one by <chmod dir="dir" ... />. Without different attributes you would
need includes/excludes if you only want to affect the top dir.

Therefore I'd prefer strict-typing (but you could see this a a -0.5 if
I were to vote).


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