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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Consolidated delete task (Re: make clean equivalent)
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 14:53:18 GMT
>>>>> "CC" == Craig Cottingham <> writes:

 CC> Is "deltree" the appropriate task? By its name, it seems
 CC> "deltree" should delete a directory tree -- meaning all files and
 CC> subdirectories.

Arnout has started a thread about consolidating tasks some days
ago. One of his proposals (and I'm all for it) was to merge delete and
deltree into a single delete task.

I've chosen to modify deltree for now as this one already implied
recursion while delete say "deletes on file".

I'm not sure whether we had come to an agreement about the names of
the attributes that were needed.

Do we keep different attributes for deleting files and dirs, i.e.
<delete file="name" /> with no includes or excludes allowed and
<delete dir="name" /> with all the MatchingTask stuff in place? I
think we should do so to avoid accidents.

Should we set defaultexcludes to false by default when deleting a
directory tree - my opinion is yes.

Do we need a recurse attribute (don't think so, if you specify a dir,
you obviously want to delete it)?

Do we need a purge attribute to delete empty dirs - I'm not decided on


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