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From Michael Saunders <>
Subject Re: New tasks.
Date Fri, 05 May 2000 17:37:20 GMT

I think the find taskdef sounds great. Also, I sure would like to have your
javacc taskdef. I hacked one up myself from the javac taskdef but I left out
most of JavaCC's options so if you have a better one I would love to have it. If
it isn't bad etiquite for this mailing list please post it so that I could use
it until (if) it is incorporated into Ant. If people would object then please
send it to me: mailto:<>

While I'm on the topic of new taskdefs. Does anyone have a taskdef for javah?
How about for CC (I know this is the java world but lets face it sometimes we
have to interface to C through JNI).


External Lists wrote:

> Proposal for a new task: find
> It would look like this:
> <find basedir=... includes=... excludes...>
>    <task1 ... ${find.file} ${find.dir} ... />
>    <task2 ... ${find.file} ${find.dir} ... />
>    ...
> </find>
> Analogous to Unix   find <dir> -name <regexp> -exec <task>
> Any value?  I haven't coded one up yet.
> Also, I have a taskdef for javacc; should I post it somewhere?
> John

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