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From Mariusz Nowostawski <>
Subject Re: New tasks.
Date Thu, 04 May 2000 01:24:07 GMT
> It seems to me that, if you just want a tag of the form, 
> <idl2java compiler="compilerX" options="compilerXoptions"/>
> then exec is exactly what you're looking for.

well, I would rather say:
<idl2java compiler="compilerX" options="compilerXoptions">
 <include name="${foo.FullOfIDLs.dir}/*.idl">

instead of repeating the task for each single idl source, thus exec is not
what would do the job nicely. 
However, you are right, what I really want is a modified exec, sort of
'execFor' taks, which is similar to the existing one, but takes
include/exclude tags as well, and effectively performs the given command
with options and with list of files as last argument (with the 
options to do it sequentially or at once all files in single command
call). What do you think? 

This would solve idl compilation for me just fine ;o)  I would sacrify the
beauty of having seperate arguments for each option in the task (for
example for orbacus idl compiler) for having a generic mechanism here

Most idl compilers are binary executables but
parser generators are usually written in Java (antlr, javacc,
sablecc) and we can take advantage of it. Execing for each grammar file
seperate JVM has obvious drawbacks, thus I see a point in specialized
optional tasks for each of them. What do you think?

thanks for feedback Tom


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