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From Doug Bateman <>
Subject JavaDoc Troubles
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 20:02:19 GMT
Dear Ant Team,

I've just recently discovered ant, and I am quite impressed with it.
Presently, I am using the April 18, 2000 release build of Ant, and I am
having the following problem I'm hoping you can shed some light on.

I have the target:

  <property name="estore.src" value="."/>
  <property name="estore.dest" value="../build/weblogic"/>
  <property name="estore.javadocs" value="${estore.dest}/docs/api"/>
  <target name="javadocs">
    <mkdir dir="${estore.javadocs}"/>
    <javadoc packagenames="com.ordertrust.estore.* com.sun.estore.util.*"
             windowtitle="Java Pet Store Demo API"
             doctitle="Java Pet Store Demo"

The directory names included in the sourcepath do infact exist and
contain the proper .java files.  The packagenames are also correct.
However, the way I'm listing multple values in these fields may not
be.  I am encountering two errors:

Error 1) If I include two values in the source path, I get this error.

BUILD FATAL ERROR: Path .\common\java;.\weblogic\java does not exist.

Error 2) If I only use one value in the source path, but two in the
packagenames attribute, I get this error:

Generating Javadoc
Parsing source files for packages
Javadoc execution
[error] javadoc: No packages or classes specified.

I imagine there are two possible causes for this problem.

a) I'm not using the right seperators for including multiple values
(and I've experimented with quite a few).  I've checked the
ant documentation, and it hasn't shed any light on this.

b) Ant doesn't support multiple directories in the source path and
multiple packages in the packagenames attribute.

If it's (b), then I can simple fall back on exec'ing the commandline
version of javadoc.  Or I'd even be willing to help write the code for the
fix.  If it's (a) though, then I'd rather simply fix my mistake.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

In this world of change, nothing which comes stays,
and nothing which goes is lost.

                                    Anne Swetchine (1782-1857)

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