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From "Jason Sando" <>
Subject RE: How to tell what Javac did?
Date Fri, 26 May 2000 18:13:18 GMT
> From: David H Elrod []
> A new person's thoughts:
> Maybe there could be an attribute 'exitStatusName="someName"'
> for the task? When the task exits, then "someName" would be
> set to the exit value. The user gets to pick the name and
> set up the relationship between tasks (if any). The the
> Project.getProperty("someName") call could return the
> exist status of any arbitrary task.

As Conor MacNeill pointed out,

-> How will we decide the required structure of task results? The original
-> request which prompted this thread was a desire to know if Javac did any
-> work, not just whether it succeeded. So would a return result for Javac
-> to specify success/failure, did it do anything? How many files did it
-> compile? Maybe even which files it compiled or even how long it took?

I've already decided to approach it another way.  However, if I was able to
do anything within Ant, I would want not just an exit status.  Minimally I
would want to get at taskdefs.javac.compileList.size ().  Even better I
would want to get at the compileList attribute itself, so I could feed the
list of "out of date" files to another process.

So I don't think this is a general "exit status" type of opportunity.  The
desired feature is dependent on the Javac task, which is helpfully building
the list of out of date files.  Assuming a task following Javac's execution
could get at the just-built compileList, it would first detect whether
compileList.size() > 0.  If so, it would then have to translate that Vector
into a String[], and concatenate that array with the other arguments I need
to pass to my compiler, finally exec'ing the compiler.  (Then after the next
release of Ant renames the "compileList" attribute to "sourceOutOfDateList",
my builds break and I have to rewrite it again!)

Or, I can just make my compiler a little better ;)


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