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From "Jason Sando" <>
Subject RE: Task functionality next version Ant
Date Fri, 05 May 2000 18:44:22 GMT
> I worry about having a build script whose behavior can vary depending on
> whether it happens to find a file vs. a directory at runtime.  I
> much prefer
> being fully explicit in task definitions, and not depending on detecting
> what is there to alter behavior.  That's why Unix has an "rm"
> command AND an
> "rmdir" command, for example, so you have to be explicit on your
> intentions.
> John

Why shouldn't the same command work for both?

The "rm" command can be used to remove a directory as well as a file, but as
you point out it does require extra effort ("rm -R").  The same applies to
"cp" ("cp -R").  Worse, if you alias rm as "rm -i", you end up with a bunch
of "rm: descend into directory <dir>?" messages.  So you have to escape
"rm -R", and then you don't even get a "Are you sure?" prompt.

View the files and folders in the file system as objects, then define
<copy>, <move>, and <delete> to function on objects.  It shouldn't matter
what TYPE of object it is.  The command should work the same, like in
Windows File Explorer or Midnight Commander.


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