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From "Kuiper, Arnout" <>
Subject RE: Task functionality next version Ant
Date Fri, 05 May 2000 13:44:33 GMT
> One question, will you retain deltree? If not, how do you distinguish
> between deleting the contents of the directory and deleting 
> the directory
> AND its contents?

deltree should not be retained because of duplication. The new delete
task also covers the current deltree funtionality (see case 1 below).

The proposal for the new delete task includes the functionality of
the current deltree and delete tasks, and extends it with recursing
through a directory, to be able to remove only files that match a
pattern. This way, the basic file operations (copy, delete, and move)
work more or less the same.

We can distinguish between the two cases mentioned before:

<delete dir="somedirectory"/>

without includes and excludes will delete the directory AND contents
(makes sense, if you want to delete the directory, you want to include
all its content).

<delete dir="somedirectory" includes="..." excludes="..."/>

(thus with includes and/or excludes) will delete the contents of the
directory, but not the directory itself (makes also sense, if you want
to include and exclude files from deleting, you don't want the
directory itself to be removed).

To the last case, an attribute can be added to allow the directory to
be deleted when it is empty (e.g. deletewhenempty="true"). But I think
that this will not be used very often.



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