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From "Mykins, Ann" <>
Subject Re:Example Ant scripts for building EJBs
Date Tue, 30 May 2000 13:28:51 GMT
This came from Conor MacNeill  - very useful (if your using Weblogic)

Ann Mykins
Medic Computer Systems 
(919) 847-8102 x1922

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From: Chaganthi, Madhusudan R. []
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2000 9:21 AM
To: ''
Subject: Example Ant scripts for building EJBs

Hi All
This being my first post, please bear with me if this posting is not most
appropriate for this list.
I was wondering if anyone can point me to example ANT scripts which build
EJBs (jar them after running ejbc, etc). I need something to break the
Thanks a bunch

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From: Conor MacNeill [] 
Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2000 8:56 AM
To: Ant-Dev Apache.
Subject: Tasks for ejbc compile of weblogic EJBs


Attached are two task definitions and a small set of patches to allow you to
use ant to build weblogic EJBs. I developed these tasks for building EJBs
here at Cortex and Cortex have agreed to let me give them to the ant

The new code consists of two optional ant tasks: ddcreator and ejbc.
ddcreator takes a set of deployment descriptor definitions according to the
weblogic definition language and generates the serialised deployment
descriptors, while ejbc takes the serialised deployment descriptor and
generates the various EJB support files required by Weblogic, including the
RMI stubs and skeletons. Both tasks only generate a result if it is out of
date with respect to the source.

Example usage of the ddcreator task would be

    <ddcreator descriptors="${dd.dir}" dest="${gen.classes}"
        <include name="*.txt" />


descriptors is the directory where the text descriptor defintions are
dest is the directory where the serialised deployment descriptors are
classpath should include the  weblogic tools and the classes containing the
home and remote interfaces for the various EJBs

The ejbc task is a little more complicated.

    <ejbc descriptors="${gen.classes}" src="${src.dir}"
        <include name="*.ser" />


descriptors in this case is the directory where the serialised deployment
descriptors are located
src is the directory containing the source defining the home and remote
dest is the directory where the generated support classes are written
manifest is a generated jar manifest file defining all of the EJBs to be
classpath should again contains the weblogic tools plus the home, remote and
bean classes.

Both tasks are MatchingTasks and the include element is generally used to
select the appropriate files.

The implementation of these tasks supports the way we have been building
EJBs at Cortex. In particular I set the ejbc options to those we currently
use. If it doesn't fit with other organisations, let me know. Also this is
geared to WebLogic 4.5. I have not yet looked at 5.1.

The implementation details of the two tasks are worth looking at a little
bit more closely. Both tasks are implemented as an ant task with a separate
helper class which is executed in a separate JVM. This is done because I
wanted to control the classpath under which the weblogic tools were
executed. The weblogic tools generally require the classpath to include the
class files for the home and remote interfaces of the beans you are
developing. I did not want to have to startup ant with its classpath
including the project it is compiling. Thus the ant tasks simply delegate
all the work to the helper in a separate JVM.

To create that JVM and have its output pumped into the project log, I used a
Java task object. I needed to modify the ant Task object, however, to make
the setProject method public so I could connect the project to the Java
task. I also added a validateDirectory method which allows any task to
validate that a given File object represents a directory and that the
directory exists. This could probably be used by a few other tasks.

Let me know what you think, especially if you are using WebLogic.


Conor MacNeill
Cortex ebusiness Pty Limited

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