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Subject RE: Fixes for and
Date Mon, 15 May 2000 07:50:12 GMT
Conr MacNeill wrote:
> This little area of ant causes many problems :-) I would like 
> to explore the
> issues a little further.
> >
> > Apache and Tomcat recognize and handle c:/path/path/file
> > correctly.  So does
> > Perl, most editors, most zip tools, all the* 
> classes and all the
> > GNU utilities.  Principle of least astonishment.  
> Converting c:/path to
> > c;\path is a bug.  Code should be robust enough to handle it.
> Fair point. However I would find the fact that all single 
> letter paths are
> impossible under Unix somewhat astonishing ! The fact that 
> they disappear
> quietly would be more so.

What about handling it like most of the other tools:
They behave different on different platforms.
On *nix, they interpret c:/sample as "look in relative
path c, then in absolute path /sample",
on Win*, they interpret it as "look in absolute path
That behaviour would be convenient for both *nix
and Win* users. As You already pointed out, there
is no way to have absolute paths which work 
unchanged on every platform. So the different
behaviour on different platforms wouldn't hurt


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