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Subject Re: A question about "available" and doing conditionals in a build xml file.
Date Thu, 18 May 2000 13:24:41 GMT

Nope, you aren't being dim in the slightest.  I was using a different
definition of 'unless' in my head than is being used by the current version
of MatchingClass.NameEntry.  If I'd paid attention to that first, I'd have
used 'unless' instead of 'ifnot'.

The 'condition' property of the Target class is actually being set in
ProjectHelper.configureProject(Project, Element).  If you take a gander a
little more than half way down the method body, you see that the value of
an attribute named 'if' is being stuffed into a String var named
targetCond, and later being used in a call to

Glenn McAllister
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Ummm... sorry if I'm being terribly dim here, but...

<Target name="target" if=""> ... </Target>

gets executed _if_ is set, right?

<Target name="target" unless=""> ... </Target>

gets executed _unless_ is set, ie. if is _not_
set, right?

So doesn't that make 'if' and 'unless' mutually exclusive???

BTW, in the src distro I have (a CVS checkout of about two weeks ago) the
Target class does not have 'if' or 'unless' properties, but has a
'condition' property, and the task gets executed if the property named in
the 'condition' attribute exists. Do I just have an old source distro? Or
is there some strange mapping done between 'if' and 'condition' to avoid
reserved words?

Tom Cook - Software Engineer

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