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From "Peter V. Gadjokov" <>
Subject Ant and 1.3
Date Wed, 10 May 2000 02:29:41 GMT

I've just subscribed to the list  - my apologies if I'm bringing up a
beaten-to-death topic...

JDK 1.3 is out, the javac taskdef in ant detects 1.3 and performs a
'modern' compile which apparently performs such advanced optimisations
that javac is not invoked at all. This behaviour is silent. Would it be
possible to either a) throw a build exception and suggest the user put a
build.compiler property in the build file or b) simply comment out the
1.3 detection for now, classic works fine. There are projects outside
jakarta which use ant and unless they explicitly set the compiler, they
all fail to build in 1.3 with no obvious diagnostic message. The Javac
taskdef I'm looking at is what I just pulled out of cvs. 



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