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From David Forslund <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] exec with include/exclude
Date Sun, 28 May 2000 03:56:07 GMT
Actually, I was too quick to respond.   The command seems to run but fails 
to produce the resulting .java
files.  The same command outside of ant works fine.

At 06:08 PM 5/26/00 -0600, you wrote:

>At 11:50 AM 5/27/00 +1200, Mariusz Nowostawski wrote:
>>I have not checked that on windows, I run simple tests locally here on
>>Linux only, but I suspect it should work on both the same.
>>If your target looks something like this:
>><target name="idls">
>>     <exec dir="."
>>           command="jidl --output-dir classes --package"
>>           src="idls" output="out.txt"/>
>>and inside ./idls you have your *.idl sources:
>>0. Invoke: ant idls
>>1. Check what you have after execution of the idls target inside out.txt;
>>    in normal conditions this file should be empty, but if your jidl has
>>    any troubles you can get the idea whats wrong from out.txt
>>2. Make sure the output dir is already created (jidl I am using will
>>    simply fail if you do not have output directory already created)
>>3. If you still cannot guess whats wrong, show me your out.txt file, your
>>    target and what ant is printing out when you executing idls target
>The out.txt file is empty (it was not empty when the command was failing).
>The command works just fine, it seems to open a new command window
>for every .idl file it is compiling  (it doesn't do this when running the 
>same command outside
>of ant).  The output directory is full.  The command seems to work 
>correctly and creates
>all the necessary files.    I can't send you want jidl is printing out, 
>because all the
>windows go away when the command completes.
>It alls seems to work, it just pops the annoying windows while it is running.
>>As I said, I am using Linux, and I have not noticed any troubles here,
>>with target like the one above, with jidl being ORBacus 3.1.3, I have:
>>   my out.txt is empty,
>>   ant is printing:
>>$ ant idls
>>Buildfile: build.xml
>>Project base dir set to: /home/mariusz/Projects/nzdis/oql
>>Executing Target: idls
>>[exec] jidl --output-dir classes --package in 
>>/home/mariusz/Projects/nzdis/oql for 3 files.
>>Completed in 1 seconds
>>   and inside classes/com/my/idl/* I have the expected java sources written
>>correctly to disk.  I have not checked that on windows though..
>>hope it helps
>> > I tried the patch and find the jidl program opens up a bunch of command
>> > windows on NT and although jidl appears to process the idl files,
>> > nothing is written to disk.
>> >
>> > Dave

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