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From David Forslund <>
Subject Re: nested subtasks
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 14:11:48 GMT
I'm trying to get ant to properly build my application which has two levels 
of subprojects.
The top level builds 4 subprojects and one of those has 3 subprojects under it.

I can't find an combination of parameters which will let me build the whole 
project from the top.
I specify the subproject directory with the dir command and the 
sub-subproject with its local
dir command, but when building from the top it doesn't use the right 
directory.  If I try to
build in the local directory it works.  I can modify the dir command for it 
to work at the top
level, but then it doesn't work at the local level.  It would be nice if I 
could run the build.xml
file at any point in the project.  Am I missing something?

David W. Forslund                     
Advanced Computing Laboratory 
Los Alamos National Laboratory          Los Alamos, NM 87545
505-665-1907                                    FAX: 505-665-4939

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