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From David Forslund <>
Subject Re: Ant questions.
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 21:08:19 GMT
At 12:35 PM 5/23/00 -0700, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:
>David Forslund wrote:
>>  I have two questions about ant.
>>1) It seems that I have to have Sun's jaxp1.0.1 library to compile Ant. Am
>>I configuring it wrong or is this the way it is. I didn't see any 
>>documentation to that effect.
>If you are using a version of Ant later than the 3.1 release, that is 
>correct -- Ant has been made JAXP-compliant so that you can use any 
>JAXP-compliant parser.  If you use the reference implementation, you'll 
>need "jaxp.jar" and "parser.jar" on your class path -- for any other 
>parser, replace these as described in your parser's documentation.

Thanks!  I gathered this but didn't see the documentation for it.

>>2) I have a directory with about 3000 java files in it (about 25 or more
>>packages) autogenerated from CORBA idl. Ant runs out of memory trying to
>>compile them. Can I tell Ant to compile only so many at a time, or do I
>>have to manually break the packages up?
>I assume you are using the "ant" script that came with the release, right?
>On Unix systems, you can set an environment variable called JAVACMD to 
>include command line options to change the memory allocation.  For example 
>you might want to do this:
>     export JAVACMD="java -mx64m"
>to set the maximum heap to 64 megabytes.  On Windows systems, you can 
>modify the "ant.bat" file to include this switch for you.

The message provided by ant about the -J option isn't particularly 
helpful.  I got it to work by modifying the "ant.bat" file, but it would be 
nice to be able to exercise some other kind of control over the number of 
files to be compiled without having to artificially break them up.



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>>Advanced Computing Laboratory
>>Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos, NM 87545
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>Craig McClanahan

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