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From Ken Wood <>
Subject a question about the jar task and the javac task...
Date Fri, 12 May 2000 17:25:47 GMT
I've read the documentation, and tried to fetched the FAQ
(with no luck) and can't find the answer. Since I'm new to the list,
forgive me if this has been hashed to death already.
You're welcome to just point me to the right place to look...

1. The jar task doesn't have the '0' option
   that 'jar' has, i.e. 

        jar cvf0 x.jar *.class

   creates a jar file "store only; use no ZIP compression."

   When I use the Ant jar task, it creates the
   jar with the right content, but it's smaller.
   Is it compressed? If so, how can I suppress
   compression? My understanding is that JDK1.1.x
   based apps don't like compressed jar files.

2. While it's not an issue, I wonder if there
   is a simple way to suppress the "copying of
   support files" that the javac task does.
   I suppose enough 'excludes' would do it,
   but I'm looking for something simplier...

3. Hey, while I'm at it... Is there a property
   that has the CURRENT time? Not the stuff set
   with "tstamp" but a continous running value?
   When we build, each time we start and end
   a step we emit the time. Then as the build
   progresses, we have a web page that shows
   the progress of the build, including the
   elapsed time for each step, and the total
   elapsed time...

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