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From "Eugene Bekker" <>
Subject Re: Patch: JAVAC dependency tracking and multiple src paths handling
Date Thu, 11 May 2000 14:55:32 GMT

Conor MacNeill wrote:
> For multiple source paths, I submitted a patch for multiple source paths a
> while back. I chose to use a comma to separate the source paths since it
> seemed likely to offend the Windows folks and the Unix folks equally :-) The
> patch was not applied because of the use of that comma. There was also some
> desire to support elements instead of just an attribute, something like
>   <javac>
>     <srcdir name="xyz">
>     <srcdir name="abc">
>   </javac>

I think something along these lines is probably the cleanest/safest
approach.  But does Ant support nested elements within tasks?  Perhaps not
yet...  Another solution is to list the files out in a separate file (like
java.lst) separated by newlines.  Then simply have some sort of an include
reference.  Although \n is a legal filename character in Unix it's probably
unlikely to be big problem.  And if it is, the Properties class provides a
way of escaping any characters.

> I also only follow direct relationships. Say you have a scenario of A
> depends on B and B depends on C but A does not depend on C. If you change C,
> my approach will only compile C and B but not A. My feeling is that if A
> does not depend directly on C, changes to C cannot affect A through B. I'm
> still thinking about that :-)

But since modifying C, would recompile B, wouldn't A be recompiled since it
depends on B?

Eugene Bekker
Chief Architect
PowerVision Corporation
tel://410/312.7243 cel://443/838.6330

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