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From Roger Vaughn <>
Subject Re: Tasks for ejbc compile of weblogic EJBs
Date Mon, 08 May 2000 01:24:05 GMT
Conor MacNeill wrote:
> >
> > Just in time - I was about to write my own tasks for this.
> >
> > These classes will not compile with the current public version of Ant,
> > however.
> > The method "validateDirectory" is not found, and method "setProject" is
> > available
> > in Task, but is package-scope only.  I also notice that your usage
> > examples show
> > a different syntax for includes than is supported by the public version.
> >
> > What am I missing here?  Should I be using a development version of Ant
> > instead?
> >
> Robert,
> I included a file (diffs.txt) which has some diffs to the core ant classes
> which I added to support these tasks. To build these tasks you will need to
> apply these diffs. If you read the last paragraph of my original email, you
> will see why I made these changes. I am hoping one of the committers will
> apply them.
> The include support is provided by the MatchingTask superclass. The includes
> can be defined in two ways, either as an includes attribute or by nested
> <include> elements. Is that what you mean by a different syntax?
> Good Luck, let me know if you can't get them going.
> Conor


Gee, I somehow missed that attachment.  Time to check the ol' seat to
connection I think.  I'll apply that patch and see how things go.

Yes, the nested include elements were what I meant.  I wasn't aware that
syntax was allowed, but I like it better!  Thanks for the unintentional

BTW, I slapped together a "cab" task similar to the "zip" and "jar"
tasks in case anyone is interested.  It only runs on WinDoze and
requires the external cabarc util.  I hate the necessity, but cab files
are the only way I know of to deliver signed applets to IE.


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