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From Sean Russell <>
Subject Re: Dependencies between Java Classes
Date Fri, 05 May 2000 16:37:41 GMT
Akbar Ibrahim wrote:

> Even with this type of target, I still have the same problem. If class A is
> dependent on Class B and I change class B, it compiles only class B and not
> class A (which hasn't changed at all, but should also be compiled because
> the class it depends on has changed).

What would *really* be cool is if you could specify a dependancy that was
dependant on API changes.  Java, unlike C, does not always require recompiling
A if B changes, but only if the API of B changes.  A super-intelligent make
system for Java would recompile A if it detected API changes in B.  A
hyper-intelligent make system would recompile A if any of the methods in B
that A uses changed.

Both of these are do-able, although both incur more overhead; for instance,
API dependancy could be managed using the class to
detect dependancy changes and writing these dependancies to a file for each
class.  This would consume some disk space, and would consume a significant
amount of time.  The hyper-intelligent option would just require more of both,
but the principle would be the same.

The question becomes whether or not anything is actually gained in this level
of dependancy checking, rather than just recompiling everything that depends
on the class that has changed.

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