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From "Charles Tewksbury" <>
Subject RE: "Libaries" of task defs
Date Mon, 22 May 2000 18:27:57 GMT

> Are there plans for a repository of tasks the
> way, say, perl or python have repositories of
> scripts? Or is too early in the game?

>I have posted a request for a Ant Tasks Repository, but there
>were no responses. I could organize something like that on my
>page (I have coded an XSLT task). I have unlimited space and
>can manage it easily.

Although I don't have any true opposition to this (and who am I to even talk
on this list) but as I read the Jakarta-Project Guildelines and as a person
who has contributed a Taskdef that went nowhere, here are my opinions.  Take
them for what they are worth:

As I understood it Developers cannot commit, however they do contribute
source code and patches.

I would expect either a responsible Committers and/or the Project Management
Committee to be reviewing these submissions and committing them or posting a
rejection for some reason.

I know this puts more work on the volunteers of this project but having
"unofficial" repositories causes fragmented areas throught the web where one
can only get half the answers.

Well taht is my opinion for what it counts.

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