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From "External Lists" <>
Subject Suggestion for Javac
Date Tue, 09 May 2000 15:41:55 GMT
I am soliciting opinions on the following idea:

The javac tag uses the build.compiler property to determine which compiler
to run.  However, if you want to control the debug, optimize and deprecation
options, you need to explicitly choose them in your <javac> task.

I propose a change where, instead of defaulting debug, optimize and
deprecation to false, they instead obtain their initial values from optional
properties named build.compiler.debug, build.compiler.optimize, and
build.compiler.deprecation, and can be overridden by the defined attributes,
if present.  This way, you can build a debug version of your code simply by
running build with -Dbuild.compiler.debug=on, instead of having to
explicitly identify the debug attribute in each javac task.

This seems more orthoginal to how build.compiler is used.

Thanks for any comments.


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