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From "Christopher Elkins" <>
Subject Re: Specifying different compilers for Javac task?
Date Thu, 11 May 2000 22:00:28 GMT
> I'm not sure I understand how to specify which java compiler to use. Is it
> based on what JAVA_HOME is set to in the environment? The user's manual
> mentions a build.compiler property -- is that where you'd specify it? If
> it is, where would you do that, and what would the specification be -- a
> directory path to where all the bin, lib, etc. directories for that jdk
> live? And where does JAVA_HOME come into it?
> (Sorry for being such a bozo about this stuff -- I'm signed up for a java
> class in a couple of weeks, so hopefully I'll be a little less so after
> that.)
Don't apologize for asking questions - everyone was a beginnner at first!

However, you might want to read the FAQ
SetAll/project_id/2/faq_id/16/topic_id/72/question_id/339>, where I've already
answered this question. ;-)

> Thanks,
> Diane
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> (

Christopher Elkins

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