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From "John Pappin" <>
Subject Re: Call for patches
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 15:00:41 GMT
> I notice there are more and more requests to beef up the logic support for
> tasks, like IFNOT and multiple IFs.  One thing to consider is to drop in
> existing logic parser, that would allow nested and more complicated
> statements, such as Mozilla's Rhino JavaScript engine.

I'm thinking I need to clear this up a little... I don't think another
attribute should be added (as in the case of IFNOT) its not needed... all I
want to be able to do, is invert the result of the property... I don't think
anything else is needed (I also use the multiple targets to do &&'s and ||'s
(I like how simple it is).

Anyway, this would look like:
<target name="name" if="!property"/>

- Brill Pappin

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