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From Michel CASABIANCA <>
Subject XSLT task
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 21:21:41 GMT

I have discovered Ant yesterday and I think I won't use make again !
I would like to thank you all Ant developpers, great job !

Anyway, I needed an XSLT task to transform my XML files to HTML docs,
so I've writen such a task based on XT from James Clark (I have named 
it XTask :o)

You can download it on my page at :

There is a french version at :

Feel free to integrate to Ant and change the license (to an Apache
one) if you think this could be usefull (I guess it is because I've
seen it on TODO list). If you like my ant logo, feel free to use it as
you wish.

I've dig the code and suggest few enancements :

1- It would be usefull to filter RCS directories too (just like
   CVS ones). So I suggest in :

   Replace :

	if (name.equals("CVS")) {
	    return false;

   With :

	if (name.equals("CVS") || name.equals(RCS)) {
	    return false;

   In, replace :


   With :


2- I've seen that you build the document tree with DOM. I think
   this is a mess : you build an object tree two times (when
   parsing with DOM and when creating task tree). I think
   this would be a good idea to use SAX instead. Less memory
   and CPU usage. Of course, this would be a big task as 
   this would imply to rewrite a big piece of code, but I
   think this is necessary.

3- Properties are broken : they apply whatever the target. I
   would suggest to reduce the scope to the target they live
   (and called <ant> in this target). It would be nice to add a
   chance to define properties within <project> element, those
   properties being global (as <variable> for XSLT).

4- It would be nice to have a build.dtd.

I am not an "official" Ant developer, but can help if you think
this may be useful.

Best regards.
| Michel CASABIANCA         |   |
|        | Articles sur Java et XML       |
| Développement Java et XML | Applications et Applets de Jeu |

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