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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Ant Principles (Taskdef storage)
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2000 08:41:21 GMT
>>>>> "KA" == Kuiper, Arnout <> writes:

 >> From: Thomas Haas []

 >> Where do classes go, which are used by several optional tasks,
 >> which are not part of the core?

 KA> 1. Scan the directories mentioned in the <taskdefs
 KA> extpath="foo:bar/ext"/> path.
 KA> 2. Scan the $user.dir/ant/taskdefs directory.
 KA> 3. Scan the $install_dir/taskdefs directory.  
 KA> 4. Scan the $install_dir/taskdefs/optional directory.

 KA> Note that an optional directory for 1. and 2. are not very
 KA> useful.  Optional tasks have only meaning in the Ant distribution
 KA> itself.

Either you have misunderstood Tom's question or I don't understand
your answer.

I think Tom is talking about something like a zip and an unzip
task. Those would be in zip.jar and in unzip.jar in any one of the
first three paths. Both share - say - ZipEntry. 

Where should that go? Put them into the CLASSPATH or into yet another
ext-directory for "non task JARs"? The second one sounds like your 4.
but I think it also applies to tasks not distributed with Ant.

OK, my example is very simple. I'd say create a single zip task with
an action attribute taking "store" and "extract" but I think you get
the idea.


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