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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Properties ignored under Windows?
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 12:20:52 GMT
>>>>> "sr" == rubys  <> writes:

 sr> Stefan Bodewig wrote:

 >> Personally I'd prefer binding properties later - during task
 >> execution not parsing that is.

 sr> This is exactly the issue that generated much heated discussion
 sr> on this list.

I've allready got that impression, yes.

 sr> I believe that everyone would agree that allowing properties to
 sr> be defined inside of targets but executed at parse time is
 sr> confusing.

So please, please, please mention this in the documentation.

Almost every newcommer will stumble over this as I did. I have no
problem with keeping property and taskdef tasks the way they behave
right now - after your patch, because it feels better to have them
outside of targets.

I would volunteer to change docs/index.html but english is not my
native language so I hesitate to write more than javadoc comments.


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