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From "Kuiper, Arnout" <>
Subject RE: Classic command line on NT
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2000 08:35:13 GMT
> From: Steve Peterson []
> I'm having an issue with the destination directory for .class 
> files in Ant 
> builds.  My goal is to have the .class file live in the same 
> directory as 
> the .java file.
> In my build.xml I say
>    <javac
> 		srcdir="${}/com/databottling/fountain/core"
> 		destdir="${}/com/databottling/fountain/core"
> 		includes=""
> 		debug="${debug}"
> 	/>
> where <property name="" value="src"/>
> If there is a Constants.class in the destdir, javac will 
> overwrite that 
> with the newly created .class.  If there isn't, javac creates a 
> com/databottling/fountain/core/Constants.class inside 
> destdir, which isn't 
> what I want.

There is a simple solution,

use destdir="${}". This is the root of the
class/package tree.

You might want to use srcdir="${}" also. Ant
will scan for sourcefiles within that tree. You can narrow
the search using includes and excludes.

Your example should look like:


See the manual for more information on the include/exclude stuff.



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