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From "Kuiper, Arnout" <>
Subject RE: Path & dir separators (was Re: Ant Principles)
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2000 17:09:09 GMT
> From: Thomas Haas []

> Proposal:
>    * Define pathes using nested elements (unless passed in as 
> property).
>      Elements are files (or directories) defined by the rules 
> for files

Does this mean that paths cannot be passed as task attributes anymore?


What is the scope of your proposal? Does it only cover paths (sets of
directories/files) or does it also cover single files and single
directories? If it also covers the latter case, won't the task syntax
of some simple tasks become too lengthy?
Copying a directory will then become something like:

      <element file="../foo/"/>
      <element file="../bar/"/>

instead of

  <copydir srcdir="../foo/" destdir="../bar/"/>

We can combine these two if the srcdir attribute is of type "Path", and
the Path class has a constructor accepting a String, which represents
some path-format (either the format of the local platform, the to bew
X-platform Ant format or the "popular Ant" format). See some other postings
on reflection and nested elements.

Don't misunderstand me here, I like your path concept, but I'm trying
to find a balance between the number of characters I have to type, and
the flexibility;-)



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