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From "Kuiper, Arnout" <>
Subject RE: Ant Principles
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2000 08:29:04 GMT
> From: []
> .duncan wrote:
> > Good point about using addXXX instead of setXXX due to multiple
> > elements.
> Sigh.  The currently implemented design pattern is:
>    void setXxxx(String value);      // attributes
>    Object createXxxxx();       // entities
>    void addText(String value);      // text
> The current proposal (as near as I can follow) is:
>    void setXxxx(String value);      // attributes
>    void addXxxx(<ObjectType> value);// entities
>    void ???Text(String value);      // text

I thought there was some consensus that attributes were tried
to be casted intelligently, so setXxxx should be:

   void setXxxx(<ObjectType> value);      // attributes

where the String value of the attribute is tried to be casted
to <ObjectType> (by using a constructor accepting a String, etc).
Note that <ObjectType> in the setXxxx case might be a primitive

I also prefer the "addText(String value)" method over the
"setText(String value)" because of the separate text chunks. It's
up to the task to decide whether it wants it as a whole (just
use StringBuffer.append() in addText) or as separate chunks.


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