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From "Edwards, Jayme" <>
Subject Request for Patch to BuildException
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2000 21:39:40 GMT
I'm writing a module (as most of you know) in Forte to use Ant projects inside the IDE. One
of my needs is to determine if an error during a build was thrown by Javac, and to then get
the line/column number of the error or at least to determine it from the string. I looked
at BuildException (thrown by execute() of targets and tasks) and noticed it gets this exception
passed into it's constructor but it is kept private. Would it be possible to add an "Exception
getCause()" method to retrieve the underlying error. Otherwise possibly we could make this
method protected, allow us to subclass it, and pass it into a "void setCauseHandler(CauseHandler
handler)" method exposed by the project or target/task object. 

Any help would be great, I'd be willing to make the changes myself but it will probably be
much quicker to those of you intimate with the source.


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