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From "Edwards, Jayme" <>
Subject RE: Properties ignored under Windows?
Date Sat, 01 Apr 2000 06:02:21 GMT
Try sticking the property inside a target element. I think earlier versions of Ant allowed
what you're doing but I'm not so sure about current builds.


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From: Felciano, Ramon []
Sent: Friday, March 31, 2000 10:53 PM
Subject: Properties ignored under Windows?

Hello --

I'm evaluating Ant for our build tool. I just tried moving some Ant build
scripts to Windows (from Solaris) and am having trouble getting it to
recognize properties: all the values come up as null. For example, the
following build file:

<project name="SimpleBuild" default="test" basedir=".">
	<property name="foo" value="bar"/>
	<target name="test">
		<mkdir dir="${foo}"/>

produces this output:

D:\Downloads\jakarta-ant>bin\ant.bat -buildfile minimal.xml
Buildfile: minimal.xml
Project base dir set to: D:\Downloads\jakarta-ant
Executing Target: test
Created dir: D:\Downloads\jakarta-ant\null
Completed in 0 seconds

leaving a directory called "null". If I override the property from the
command line (i.e. -Dfoo=bar), it works fine. Any suggestions? Am I doing
something stupid here? This is with both the 3-27 and 3-31 builds.


Ramon M. Felciano


Ramon M. Felciano
INGENUITY Systems, Inc.

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