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Subject Re: Suggestion for Ant
Date Sun, 30 Apr 2000 23:31:14 GMT

John W. Cocula wrote:
>There is an unintended difference on Windows in the <exec> task when a
>directory *is* vs. *is not* specified and different from ".".  In one
>the command goes through "cmd.exe /c" vs. being run directly.

There are bugs there, but that is not the fix.

Unfortunately, Windows doesn't always work as one would expect.  If more
than one command is executed on a process, you can't redirect the output.
Furthermore, cmd.exe doesn't exist on Win9X.  What you see at the moment is
a compromise between what can be made to work and what existing build
scripts actually use.

If you can find a fix which produces the exact same output for the Javadoc
task on win9x as the current code does, I would be very grateful.

- Sam Ruby

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