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Subject RE: Ant Principles (Design pattern)
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2000 12:31:18 GMT

Arnout Kuiper wrote:
> Object createXxxxx() has the following points when compared
> with void addXxxx(<ObjectType> value).
> + Object is created inside task, so no need to find the correct
>   type in some intelligent way. This makes the creation a lot
>   faster, and might prevent classloader problems.
> + No conflict with the addText(String) method
> - When the task is encapsulated, you cannot add an existing
>   object of the correct type. You have to create a new one
>   with createXxxx to add it, and fill the fields.
> After making this comparison, I tend a bit to the createXxxx()
> method.

Excellent summary.  Key point is that neither is "wrong" or unworkable.

After Duncan reemerges from radio silence, lets quickly come to a

I woud just rather that Ant didn't support both (except, perhaps briefly as
a migration aid).

- Sam Ruby

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