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Subject Re: Ant Principles
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 20:34:45 GMT

.duncan wrote:
> Good point about using addXXX instead of setXXX due to multiple
> elements.

Sigh.  The currently implemented design pattern is:
   void setXxxx(String value);      // attributes
   Object createXxxxx();       // entities
   void addText(String value);      // text

The current proposal (as near as I can follow) is:
   void setXxxx(String value);      // attributes
   void addXxxx(<ObjectType> value);// entities
   void ???Text(String value);      // text

Two questions:

1) Can we settle on a design pattern where we can easily distinguish
between these three cases?

2) Is the current implementation sufficiently broken to justify this
change?  Last I heard, one of the primary reasons given for the change was:

    But if we go with the slightly less flexible model, then all
   methods are set*** methods.. Cleaner and simpler.

- Sam Ruby

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