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Subject RE: Properties ignored under Windows?
Date Sat, 01 Apr 2000 12:48:41 GMT

Arnout wrote:
>> From: Edwards, Jayme []
>> Try sticking the property inside a target element. I think
>> earlier versions of Ant allowed what you're doing but I'm not
>> so sure about current builds.
>You are correct. Since of 2000/02/28 every task (including the
>property task) must be inside a target. Make sure that the task
>in which you set the properties is in your target-dependency list.

Mostly because I misunderstood Duncan's original design intent...

I had hoped that I would have seen evidence of greater consensus before I
proceeded, but in any case, certainly enough time has elapsed, so it is
time to just do it.

I just committed a patch which restores the ability to define properties
and taskdefs outside the scope of any target.  Such definitions are
processed in the order that they are found, and prior to any target, but
otherwise behave exactly as if they were included in a target.

- Sam Ruby

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