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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] SAX & JAXP -please read
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2000 17:29:08 GMT wrote:

> Craig McClanahan wrote:
> >
> >As of now (with the xml.jar file removed from the Ant distribution), you
> >won't be able to run the current CVS source code for Ant without
> downloading
> >and installing the JAXP reference implementation, or another
> JAXP-compatible
> >parser.  Are there any short-term plans to package the nightly or release
> >distributions with the appropriate parser so that users don't have to do
> ths
> >separately?
> I don't control the nightly builds, nor do I have a complete understanding
> of how they work.

That's an area where each subproject might want to start taking their own
responsibility.  Right now, the scripts are all in Tomcat's source tree and are
run by a cron job (right now under Costin's username).  Ant, and the other
subprojects, should probably have their own build scripts for the nightly
distributions managed by one of the developers on that subproject.

> I do think that shipping a parser with the release would be a good idea.
> The JAXP reference implemenatation license looks pretty nasty at this point
> - IANAL, but redistributing this with Ant may not be permitted.  Xerces
> license is clearly compatible, but as of the last official release, JAXP
> wasn't supported.

According to James Davidson's confirmation (he's spec lead on JAXP), the
legalese at the bottom of the click-through license does indeed let you package
the "jaxp.jar" and "parser.jar" files with a build distribution of Ant.  Or,
you can package "jaxp.jar" and your own JAXP-compatible parser -- so, your idea
of multiple packages with different combinations is probably the right one.

> If integrating this function into Ant was premature at this time, let me
> know and I will gladly undo the changes.

I don't think it was necessarily premature, but maybe incomplete :-)

Seriously, I've come to your way of thinking on the "JAR files in the CVS
repository" thing.  The best way to move forward would be to use Ant as an
example of how you can still provide users (and developers) single-download
access to everything they need, without having the JAR files themselves checked

I'd be happy to help set up the nightly build stuff for Ant.  (Not altogether
altruistic -- I want an Ant distribution with all this stuff to simplify what
you need to download and build Tomcat, Taglibs, Servleapi, ...... :-)

> - Sam Ruby


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