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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: Ant Principles
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 20:39:57 GMT

> Hmm, then my customer must have missed something. Might be it's
> because they are sticking with HP/UX 10 ...

Yep... 1.2 is only on HP/UX 11... After all, you can only support so
many combinations. :)

>  JDD> File.setLastModified()
> Must have missed that. So this is the portable touch task from the
> TODO list, right?

Yep. Touch would be hard to implement portably and would set to current
time only. This would allow arbitrary time to be set.

>  JDD> There's other things, mostly small, but useful to not have to
>  JDD> recreate.
> You've convinced me, but then my development platforms are Linux and
> NT. Guess those who have to use one of the other platforms will be
> more difficult to convince.

Yep. ! :)


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