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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: Ant Principles
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 20:31:07 GMT wrote:
> Alan Santos wrote:
> >Why not just use entity references?  XML (and a parser) provide the
> required
> >functionality and there would have been less code to maintain. (i.e. the
> >code to do ${} replacement).
> It is increasingly becoming my opinion that we should move away from a
> non-standard string substitution mechanism, and find reasonable
> alternatives for any missing functionallity that is required.

+1... I think that the style/filename thoughts earlier take care of most
things. And of course, the thing that we've not talked about it is
saying that if you need substs, just do define entities in a DTD block
in the XML file. I haven't yet tried it, but would this approach work.
If so, I think the ${} discussion finalizes and then we don't really say
much on the matter.


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