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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Ant Principles
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 19:25:03 GMT wrote:

> Alan Santos wrote:
> > oh. err... Do you consider the ${var},  the &entity;  or both
> > to be nonstandard and are looking to replace text-replacement
> > with something else?
> &entity; is standard and built into the parser.
> ${var} is a ant innovation that has been the subject of much confusion and
> debate.  The question that needs to be asked: are the added functions and
> flexibility it provides worth the added conceptual overhead?

My opinion - NO, it isn't.
&entity; is already available in case you really need "constants".

${var} can be supported by using _explicit_ substitution - and you
have freedom in choosing the  operation mode and semantics.
( there is no way and reason to prevent a Task to support any kind
of variable syntax - and to do the replacement ).

I'm very happy the ${var} syntax is not part of the "Principles",
I agree it was a big mistake.
It may look usefull in some cases - but explicit replacement is
much better in case it's really needed, and that may prevent


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