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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: Ant Principles
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 08:36:59 GMT

>  JDD>     -prop foo=bar&baz=bap
> Do you really think & on the command line are less annoying to Unix
> users 8^)?
> If you'd been kidding, you've trolled me.

Random thought.. Tis all. Now that I see it the second time, yes. It
doth suck. As stated in previous mails, I'm leaning towards sam's
thoughts on this.

>  JDD> Then, if special tasks needed to be provided with a source base,
>  JDD> there could be a tag in the build.xml file:
>  JDD>     <taskdefs localdir="customtasks/"/>
> I like this idea.

Cool. I still like the idea looking at it again.

> What I had in mind was what the current does - more or
> less. Add ${ANT_HOME}/lib/ant.jar to CLASSPATH and invoke
>         java -Dant.dir=${ANT_HOME} org.apache.ant.Main $*
> That way I can just symlink into /usr/local/bin/ put ANT_HOME
> into /etc/profile (or whatever) and every user has instant access to
> it.
> Maybe the wrapper scripts could even find ANT_HOME themselves much
> like the java wrappers find JAVA_HOME in recent JDKs.
> I'm aware that this is a platform specific solution but guess it
> could be implemented for almost everything in some way.

+/-0 In unix you can find out the dir of the script easily so you can
find ant_home very quickly in a script without an env-var. It's just on
windoze that we have a problem... Anybody know how to get the full path
of the batch file called on windows so that you can get the ant.dir from
it? If so, then this whole discussion goes away. :)


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