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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: Ant Principles
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 08:03:31 GMT

> Why can't the file seperators in the xml file be specified using
> ${file.separator} instead of having a standard file separator.

Very long strings result. I don't think (right now) that the extra
characters involved buys you anything over just being able to say
"bar/foo" and having to deal with "\" "/" issues as they come.

> * I had to update bootstrap.bat so the classpath includes tools.jar.
> * I had to update build.bat so the classpath includes tools.jar
> * I couldn't get compiles to work when using a compile type of modern (no errors
> produced and no class files produced).

Did modern ever get implemented. Last I left it, it was just an empty
method that would do exactly as you say (oops.).

> * The example in the doco for the exec task doesn't work for Windows NT.  For it
> to work, I had to specify the full name "Windows NT" as the operating system.
> Maybe the doco could be improved to say that the operating system you specify
> must be a complete string (not a substring of the operating system name).

Or we need to define shortcuts that expand. For example "win" matches
"windows 98" or "Windows NT" or "Windows 2000"

> * I couldn't find any mention of what happens when a task fails and if there is
> a way to catch that error and perform another task (such as sending an email to
> someone notifying them that the build failed).  Maybe there is a way to do this
> setting properties??

Nope. If a task fails, execution stops. No other error handling is
allowed right now. 


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