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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: Ant Principles
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 07:51:53 GMT

> >   The way Ant works should be clearly understandable for a first
> >   time as well as a veteran user. The mechanism to extend Utah must be
> >   understandable.
> Utah?

Uh, yeah. At one point I was going to try to do a sketch under the name
Utah. Didn't happen due to time constraints... OOps.

> >   In cases where the user must specify an absolute path on a
> >   windows machine that starts with a drive letter, it should look like
> >   'C:/foo/bar'
> Um, am I the only one who sees that this is ambiguous? Does c:/foo mean c
> and then /foo or c:\foo?

Yes. This is why you have to make a best guess and say that any path
that starts out with one letter + ":" + ("\" | "/") is a Windows drive
path. Argh. Part of the fun.

I'd really like to say use relative paths only as most projects would be
fine with this, but in some cases, you might have a user that needed to
spec absolute paths. And he should have the gun to do so I suppose.


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